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4 Day Ceramic and Yoga Workshop Retreat May 16-19, 2024

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A four day throwing and yoga workshop consists of time split between the upstairs yoga studio and the downstairs clay studio in which students are working on functional ware and functional bodies.

We will start with a morning yoga flow at 8:00 am and go until 8:45 am. Students will then meet in the clay classroom for a light breakfast and introductory chat. Clay instruction will begin at 9:15 am and break at 1:00 pm for a vegetarian lunch. Students will continue working in clay until 4:30 pm, at which point they are welcome to meet Diana at the mat for restorative stretches and a guided meditation. Workshop is concluded at the end of the afternoon yoga routine, however students have access to the clay studio each night until 10:00 

Diana and I will be bringing you ideas, verses, and poetry from the  book “Centering” by MC Richards for inspiration. If you want a copy for yourself get yourself a copy. 

Provided Materials:

  • 50 lbs of clay, with additional available for purchase at .75 cents per pound
  • yoga mats
  • yoga props
  • electric wheels

Recommended to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes for yoga practice
  • favorite pottery tools
  • towel and apron if used
  • notebook and writing utensil 
  • Optional: Boxes and packing if bringing greenware home

Nearby hotels and B&Bs:                           

  • Hampton Inn                                                  
  • Best Western                                                
  • La Quinta                                                  
  • Econo Lodge 
  • Air B&B: Cottage in Gardner, Guesthouse in Gardner, Room in Gardner

For mapping my address is 20425 Appleridge LN. Spring Hill, KS. 66083. This address will not show up on the Waze app, please use google maps or navigation.

For more information about Diana and her Yoga Practice: