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Big Magic Anagama Firing Option 1: $50/cubic ft. May 29 Load

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Big Magic Anagama Firing: May 29 & 30th, 2022

Option 1: $50/cubic ft. 


  • split 1/2 pallet of wood, I have pallets with sides we put wood in that are 40"wide by 48" long by 45" inches high  (half of this is apx. 25 cubic ft wood)
  • one session (6 hours) stoking crew, per 1 to 5 cubic feet of space
  • all work going into the kiln must be wadded, wadding will be provided
  • present to help grind, wash, stack shelves and/or furniture after unload
  • all work needs to be dropped off and ready on first day of loading