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Here are the details for my upcoming workshop:


1.      July 17-23, 2021
  1. A seven day single fire workshop, consist of four days of throwing and trimming functional sized work. On the fifth day we glaze, load and light the kiln, then fire it off on the sixth day. A quick cool and unload on the seventh day ends with a discussion of the work as well as an in depth discussion on glazes and materials. After the kiln is loaded and while it is firing and cooling we will throw larger forms including sectionals.  The focus is about the process of how I make my work from start to finish, with glazing being the determining factor which will include how spray.

  2.  Fee includes 50 pounds of clay with more available to purchase at .60 per pound. We will start at 9am and go till 5pm with a break mid day. Friday will end around 2:30 so folks can get a jump on the return home. Studio access is open 24 hours.

  3. All you need to bring is your tools and  boxes and packing if you are wanting to take work home. 
  4. I will only take 6 participants.
  5. There are several hotels close by.                                      
  6. Hampton Inn 913-856-2100                                                        
  7. Best Western 913-440-9762                                                            
  8. La Quinta 913-254-0111                                                            
  9. Econo Lodge 913-829-1312
  10. I live on 30 wooded acres so camping is an option, and there is an upstairs in the studio where anyone can crash as well, all at no charge. The studio is equipped with a not very fancy bathroom but no shower, I do have a hose.
  11. For mapping my address is, 20425 Appleridge Ln. Spring Hill Kansas 66083. 
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