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About Glazes

As you can see for each of the glaze recipes, I have provided photos of the pages from my glaze book. I have done this for a reason. While some of the pages are not that soiled, it is pretty easily to see that these glazes have been developed over years and through thousands of pots.

As I am able to round out this glaze section on this website, I will speak more about the lineage of glaze technology passed down over time. 

Some abbreviations you will see are:

  • RIO = red iron oxide
  • BIO = black iron oxide
  • SIO = silica or flint
  • CAO = calcium carbonate or whiting
  • F4 = Kona F4 (use minspar, Kona F4 is no longer available)
  • EPK = Edgers Plastic Kaolin 
  • Ball = OM4
  • PV = Plastic Vitrox
  • Dolo = dolomite
  • Neph = Nepheline Syenite