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Big Magic Anagama Option 1: $45/cubic ft. Loading October 12-13, 2024

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June 8-15 Big Magic Anagama:

We will begin loading October 12, 2024, and finish on the next day.We will light the kiln on Monday at noon.  There is single fired work in the kiln, some of it very large, so getting through quartz inversion is slow.  Easy stoking through Tuesday.  On Wednesday the stoking and temperature begins to increase significantly.  The firing will end sometime on Saturday or Sunday with finishing the soda kiln off.  We use two pounds of soda and get great coverage throughout the kiln.

Option 1: $45, per cubic foot with splitting/stoking. 


  • One hour minimum of splitting for up to two cubic feet. 15 minutes of splitting for every cubic foot of space after two cubic feet.
  • Each purchase of 1-5 cubic feet requires one session (6 hours) stoking crew
  • All work going into the kiln must be wadded, wadding will be provided
  • Unloading will occur the Sunday after the kiln shuts down. Participants must help grind and kiln wash shelves and bricks before work is taken. 
  • All work needs to be present and ready on first day of loading by 12 noon.  3 glazes will be provided.  SEP Shino, Leach White Liner, and Mikes Tenmoku. If you wish to bring other glazes you are welcome.