Workshop Description


All of my workshops focus primarily on skills and an understanding of the medium, with an attention to form as it may or may not relate to function. I want students to understand what is happening between their hands, along with what is happening on a molecular level, and to convey this without a lot of technical jargon. I teach beginners sitting next to advanced potters and enjoy bringing everyone along using archetypal and metaphorical images.


A one or two day workshop would consist mostly of throwing both small functional and non-functional pieces as well as sectional pieces up to the three-foot range. I can teach this as a demonstration or with full participation.           


A three or four day workshop is the same as above, but allows for more detail and development of form. It is best if this is participatory.


A seven day single fire workshop consists of four days of throwing and glazing smaller work, then on the fifth day we load and light the kiln, then fire it off on the sixth day. A quick cool and unload on the seventh day ends with a discussion of the work. After the kiln is loaded and while it is firing and cooling we will go back to the wheels and throw sectionals as well as have an in depth discussion on glazes and materials with an emphasis on single fire glazing and firing. This can be done at either cone 6 or cone 10. 



Big Pot workshop is just how it sounds. The longer we go the bigger the pots. This workshop requires at least intermediate throwing skills and a lot of clay.


The above are some examples of typical workshops I have taught, but by no means are limited to. This information is a starting place. I prefer to communicate on an individual basis to create a workshop that meets the needs of everyone. To discuss a possible workshop please e-mail me. You can also visit my gallery to see images of my work, as well as my Facebook page.


Workshop Fee: $500 per day plus expenses.


Danny Meisinger

Facebook: Spinning Earth Pottery